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Learning TUesdays is a summer-long webinar series aimed at providing resources for rising seniors as they navigate the college search. Join Trinity admissions staff at 4 p.m. (CDT) each Tuesday over the next 9 weeks as we tackle some of the most frequently asked questions from students and parents. Tune in, ask questions in real-time, and let’s learn TUgether!

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Planning Your College Search (June 1) - Choosing the right college can seem like an overwhelming task. Where do I start? What should I be looking for? What does college "fit" even mean? We're here to help! Hear from experienced admissions professionals to develop a plan as you begin your journey. COMPLETED Watch the webinar here

Value of Liberal Arts (June 8) - What is a liberal arts education? Learn the facts, understand the benefits, and debunk the myths of what a liberal arts education really is. In this session, you will hear from admissions staff and Trinity alumni about the impact a liberal arts degree will have on your professional opportunities after graduation. COMPLETED Watch the webinar here

Distinguish Yourself in the Applicant Pool (June 15) - As colleges review tens of thousands of applications each year, how can you distinguish yourself within a competitive applicant pool? Join us to better understand the factors and qualities that most resonate in the eyes of admissions committee members. This session will cover topics such as effective interviews, impacts of Early Decision, the power of demonstrated interest, importance of crafting a resume and more. COMPLETED Watch the webinar here

What is holistic review (June 22) - Get ready to become a member of the Admissions Committee! In this interactive session, participants will learn about admissions criteria and apply a holistic evaluation method to review applications. Together we will explore how academic and personal qualities as well as the context of a student’s environment may influence admissions decisions. COMPLETED Watch the webinar here

Writing Your College Essay (June 29) - In what can often feel like an impersonal process, the essay provides you with a unique opportunity to share your voice with colleges. Join us as we discuss hints and tips, example essays, and tools for your next steps regardless of where you are in the essay writing process. Whether you’re a self-professed grammar nerd or writing averse, all are welcome. COMPLETED Watch the webinar here


College Athletics (July 6) - Thinking about continuing varsity athletics in college? Tune in to learn the inside scoop on the recruiting process, differences in divisions, scholarships, and student-athlete life. This session will debunk myths and help you find the best fit for your academic and athletic goals. COMPLETED Watch the webinar here

Choosing a Major (July 13) - Your college degree is the first stepping stone to your future; it could lead you onto graduate school, an internship or your dream job! But what if you don't know what you want to study? Whether you already have a plan or don't know where to begin, join us as we discuss how to intentionally approach choosing your major and laying the foundation for your success in college and beyond! COMPLETED Watch the webinar here

What I Wish I Knew in My Senior Year (July 20) - APs, extracurriculars, college decisions, oh my! There can be a lot to juggle senior year, but, fortunately, many have braved the path you are about to set out on. Hear from Trinity students about making the most of your last year of high school in every regard as they reflect on “What I Wish I Knew in My Senior Year.” COMPLETED Watch the webinar here

Funding Your Education (July 27) - Join Trinity's Director of Financial Aid and Dean of Admissions for a discussion about funding options for your college education. From scholarships to applying for need-based aid, this session will tell you everything you need to know to make sure you're taking advantage of all available opportunities. COMPLETED Watch the webinar here