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Schedule a Virtual Interview with an Admissions Counselor

We invite you to schedule a virtual interview. Please review the list below to identify the admissions counselor who works with students in your area, then click the Schedule an Interview link. Once you register for your preferred date and time, you will receive more details about your virtual interview, including a Zoom link and instructions for joining the interview.

For international applicants (students who are not US Citizens or Permanent Residents) interviews are best scheduled AFTER your application has been received. Due to the volume of requests and limited staff availability, we cannot guarantee international interviews for all candidates. If we are unable to accommodate your request to interview, you are welcome to submit an InitialView or Duolingo video interview to supplement your application.

ADMITTED STUDENTS: Click Schedule an Interview, then select an Admitted Student Appointment that works with your schedule. To reserve the appointment, you will have to log in using your applicant portal credentials.


Justin Doty
Dean of Admissions
Students I work with: Specific San Antonio Schools (Alamo Heights High School, Saint Mary's Hall, Keystone School, TMI Episcopal School of Texas)  

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Nicole Fratto Garcia

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
Students I w
ork with: Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Legacy Students

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Juan Perez

Associate Director of Admissions
Students I work with: Texas (El Paso and West Texas), Oregon, Washington, Africa (North and West), Latin America (including Central America, South America, and Mexico), the Middle East, and South Asia (including India)

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Brad Durchslag

Associate Director for Dallas/Fort Worth Recruitment
Students I work with: Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex), Arizona, and Oklahoma

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Kindel Hollis

Associate Director and Coordinator of International Admissions 
Students I work with: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Africa (East, Central, and South), Asia (East, Central, and South East), Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Oceania, and International Students studying in the U.S.

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Gail Roberson

Director of Admissions - Houston Recruitment
Students I work with: Greater Houston area

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Sarah Yaccino

Admissions Counselor
Students I work with: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas (Beaumont, East Texas, San Antonio, South Texas, and Waco), and Wisconsin.

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Hillary Everts

Assistant Director of Admissions
Students I work with: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Texas (San Antonio)

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Michaela Knipp

Assistant Director of Admissions
Students I w
ork with: Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas (Austin)

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Elena Wilson

Admissions Counselor
Students I work with: Southern California, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas (Austin), and Collegiate Student Athletes

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