/*]]>*/Cost Worksheet for Incoming Students
Trinity University

Cost Worksheet for Incoming Students

This tool is intended to help you estimate your costs. Please refer to your financial aid offer to fill in any scholarships, grants and/or loans, as applicable.

The following charges are projected for the fall 2024 and spring 2025 semesters. The room and meal plan rates below are based on double occupancy and the mid level meal plan. Actual charges will appear on your semester statement.


Fall Semester Charges:

Tuition & Fees (Full-Time, 12-18 hours) : $26,835
Double Occupancy Dorm Room: $4,520
University Meal Plan: $2,855
*Other Charges:

Spring Semester Charges:

Tuition & Fees (Full-Time) : 
Double Occupancy Dorm Room: 
University Meal Plan: 

Total Charges: $34,210

*All students are billed for these on the fall semester statement,
with an option to waive the coverage. More information can be
found here. Enter the amount if you intend to use the coverage.



* Include anticipated third party payments (i.e. prepaid tuition plans, employer assistance, etc.)

Estimated Fall Account Balance
Estimated Spring Account Balance

Annual Account Balance Calculation